My fans

What are fans? To me I think of fans as close friends. Those who read my stories are seeing deeper into my mind, than my own family does. I’ve been sharing my stories online for less than a year, and thus far, it has been a hell of a roller coaster ride. I’ve met some wonderful people, I’ve received hate mail, and I’ve even had a bad experience with a so called editor. Through it all…I wouldn’t change a thing. Why? You might ask. Because of the fans…they get me, and they enjoy the crazy world I’ve created. They don’t judge me or force me to follow the soul mate norm. They accept my belief of life mates. And for that…I am eternally grateful.

I may not be a lemming who follows all the other authors, but I am me, and my fans are my closest friends, whom I’ve never met, and yet…I truly respect and cherish everyone of them.

I wish all my fans the best adventures in reading and in life!



Whenever I write, I put as much of me as I can into each story. Sweet Expressions, to date, was the hardest story I’ve ever written. In a small way, it gave me closure. I was there, and  held my brother hand when he died, but even though I watched him take his last breath, I still walked in a fog for months, thinking and hoping that it was a terrible nightmare.

Sweet Expressions gave me the ability to go to my brother’s grave, and for the first time in a long time…I didn’t cry out of sadness, I told him that even though he left no children behind, I gave him a small legacy…I told him about my new friends and readers, and how they all feel for him. I told him how I hope that his afterlife is a good one. One that’s pain free, filled with of love and happiness.

Thank you to everyone who felt from Stan A.K.A. Charles Edward. May he rest in peace.


Dear readers and friends,

Thank you to all my friends, fans and readers!

I wish you the best adventures in reading, and in life!

Sass 🙂



Just a quick update!

I have diligently been working on a new Indie Series entitled The Secrets of Albion Falls

It is an exciting, dark series that I hope you’ll enjoy.

I will upload the first three chapter here and on my website once the book is made public.

Much Love, and as always, I wish you the best adventures in reading and in life!









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25 comments on “TO MY READERS AND FRIENDS :)

  1. I love the way you think! You’re right, you are far from a lemming. You’re creative, original and your stories make us readers feel like we are right there. I have yet to find one story boring or hard to relate to.

    Thank you for being you Sass!

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