Author Sylvia Stein

From what I hear a new TV Season has begun. I’m not a big TV person. If it’s on, it’s background noise, and it’s not often that I watch much TV (if at all).

Like most people, I may watch a show or two, but for the greater part of my day I’m either writing, reading my own work or reading a good book that was recommended to me through one of my book clubs, Facebook groups or a book that friends had recommended to me.

I hope you enjoy the following books as much as I have.



Introducing author Sylvia Stein, she is flying up the literary ladder!

Author Sylvia Stein

Bio: Author Sylvia Stein, a native of Brownsville, Texas, always loved writing and constantly dreamt of one day, publishing her stories.  She worked as an educator in Texas and North Carolina.  She has also written poetry on, and is currently working on her first trilogy, which she hopes will soon publish. 

 In 2012, Sylvia joined an Incredible Writer’s group on Thanks to that group, Sylvia Stein was able to publish her first set of Twelve Stories, which will soon launch Book One, Giant Tales Beyond Mystic Doors, hopefully in early 2013 by director Heather Marie Schuldt, who is also the awesome person who launched this fabulous group.

 However, Sylvia would also like to add that she never would have continued pursuing her writing if it were not from the support of authors like Melissa Foster, and The World Literary Cafe (WLC Community), whom pave the way for other authors, Melissa’s Awesome Support Team, Exchange Fan Page, her amazing family and friends, and her faith in God. 

 Sylvia Stein resides in the town of Fuquay, Varina NC with her amazing husband Jeremy and their three wonderful children.  She would again like to express her thanks to Heather and all the members of The Writer’s group for making her dreams of being published, a reality.


Gian TalesBeyond The Mystic Doors

Synopsis of Book:

The three-minute stories in this anthology, Giant Tales Beyond the Mystic Doors, are full of suspense, surprise endings, and fantastic thrillers, which will surprise you, alarm you, and take you to unexpected places beyond the mystic doors.

 Sixty-one stories written by sixteen authors, each tale is sure to take you to a new place with new characters. Moving with surprise twists and turns, this work of fiction is a real page-turner.

Take an unexpected journey beyond the mystic doors where you will experience all new stories, fresh and first-rate workmanship.

In essence, the three-minute tales of fantasy and thrillers will keep you turning the pages for more.

 Sylvia Stein is one of the 16 authors, and she wrote 4 of the stories in this exciting book! 

The first one is The Curse of King Siddius

The second is  “ Let the Healing Rain Begin”

The third is Justice For Ana.

Then The Hidden message. 


A fun interview with the forever-enchanting author, Sylvia Stein!

Do you have anything you would like to say to your readers? 

First of all I just wanted to say how much I appreciate their support and without them I would not be here today.

When did you realize that you would like to write and publish a book?

I knew very early on that I wanted to write and publish a book.   I think I was in Middle school when I really believed that I could achieve it.  

Can you tell us a little bit about your newest anthology? 

Yes, I can certainly share on my newest Anthology.   This Anthology is called Giant Tales Beyond The Mystic Doors and it is book one of three.   This book began when myself and a group of Writers on the social media of LinkedIn created short stories every month and all decided with the coaching of our Project Manager/ Author Heather Schulz to pursue it.

For you Sylvia, what do you write first, the outline, the characters or scenery?

I have to say I write first.  I do not even think about editing.   I just let the story carry me.  I have just recently started outlines- due to my Writing classes at Southern New Hampshire University online prior to that I was not doing it.    I create my characters in my head along with the scenery I want to use. 

How did you get started in becoming an author? 

I began my quest for becoming an author by creating my author page on facebook and I met the lovely Melissa Foster on The Women’s Nest and then The World Literary Cafe.   Then as time moved on I was able to also speak to great authors such as Micheal Rivers, Emerald Barnes.  Then I spoke with arielle eckstut and David Henry Sterry of The Book Doctors and they advised me to join a Writer’s Group and Heather Schuldt and Then we started Melissa’s Awesome Support Team which is where we met.   Then I believe that is where I also gain the most confidence to become an author. 

Where can we purchase Giant Tales Beyond the Mystic Doors?

At the moment you can purchase Giant Tales Beyond The Mystic Doors on Amazon and it is selling for 2.99 as an ebook kindle edition.   However, we are trying working to make it available on Barnes and Nobles. 

Are you working on anything new, and if so, when can we expect them?  

Yes, We are working on several projects.   For one our Book 2 and Book 3 Anthologies will be coming out later this year.  I know that Book 2 will be out in Early April. 

Are you an avid reader, and if so, what was the latest book you read that wowed you? 

Yes, I try to be an avid reader.   The last book that really wowed me Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  Mainly because I am working on my own book with this type of psychological twist on it and I could not stop reading it. 

Do you think you may ever go into another genre? 

Yes, as a matter of fact I am glad you asked my favorite Genre is writing suspense and psychological thrillers.  The one I am working on without my Writer’s group is called Battered Mind.

Who or what inspired you to begin writing?   

My inspiration for writing came from my childhood.  I grew up in the small town of Brownsville, Texas and I grew up in a Hispanic household.  I was raised by my mother and grandparents and we had so many struggles.  Therefore, writing was my outlet where I could create a world that was different and I could travel anywhere. 

What is your favorite book to movie? 

My favorite book to movie is a classic:  It is Harper Lee’s, To Kill a mockingbird.  The powerful message and story is one of a kind. 

When is your favorite time of day and why?

My favorite time of day is late night because that is when I am able to do my best writing. 

Contact Sylvia Stein online!








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