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C. Michael Powers (Christopher Powers) began writing at the tender age of 16. While his father and younger brother were out fishing, Powers stayed home with only his thoughts, his sleeping grandfather, and an old typewriter.

Since then, he has not been able to stop.

Now, living in his wife’s beautiful country of Panama, with her and their four children, he is finding time to extend his writing.

While living in Panama has given him the opportunity to write freelance about retirement locations all over the Isthmus, it has also given him the extra time to work on his true passion . . . fiction.

Originally written in screenplay format, Mirror Images – Book 1 – The Darkness of Man is the first book in a four part series.

Powers felt constrained while trying to bottle up the entire story in a 110-page script. He is now letting the virtual pen fly, and loving every minute of it!



Hi and welcome, C. MICHAEL POWERS, would you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

Yes, of course. I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and grew up all over the place due to having divorced parents. I was always a storyteller in secret. While most boys took their army toys outside and went to war, I’d pretend that the couch was a mountain setting and the floor was hot lava. An alien force was taking over the bodies of my G.I. Joe action figures.

It wasn’t until I was about 16, in high school, that I sat down to write my first book. I was visiting my grandpa in Oklahoma, and while my dad and little brother were out on the lake fishing, I ditched my sleeping grandfather to have a go at the old typewriter I found covered up in one of the back bedrooms. From that point on, I never stopped writing. Now, I live in the country of Panama, with my wife and 4 kids. I spend my free time writing about living in this country and working on my next novel.

Do you have anything you would like to say to your readers?

I’d like to say thanks to everyone for all of the support I’ve been getting. I’m hard at work on book 2 of the Mirror Images series. I’ve also been working on my website, which launches today. Go to to find out more about the world on the dark side of the mirror.

I’ve created a character named Jaundice Jones, who will be reporting weekly from the dark side of the mirror, giving us all the lowdown on all the crazy stuff happening over there. It should be a lot of fun.

When did you realize that you would like to write and publish a book?

In high school, I handwrote a young adult slice-of-life kind of book, which I passed around to classmates (mostly the girls). It caught on and suddenly I found myself rushing to write more as friends were tapping me on the shoulder, asking when the next part of the story would be finished.

At some point I turned my attention to screenplays. I’m a movie nut, so it just seemed natural. I got frustrated with screenplay writing though because I hated having to cut my story down to the 110 page standard. The first Mirror Images book, Darkness of Man, was somewhere around 156 pages. I ended up cutting out characters, taking out scenes, only to reach that page maximum.

It wasn’t all a waste though. I finished parts 2 and 3 in screenplay format (and about half of 4). It helps having the outlines already finished.  


For you, C. MICHAEL POWERS, what do you write first, the outline, the characters or scenery?

I enjoy writing none of that first. I have a general idea in my head and I just let my fingers fly. Having the Mirror Images books outlined already in the screenplay format is somewhat annoying at times. It’s harder to let your imagination go wild when you’re constantly checking back to make sure you’re moving in the right direction. On the other hand, it’s easy to lose control and go off on tangents if you don’t have the outline to keep you in line. Did that all make sense?

It’s strange, but I’m a horrible verbal storyteller. My wife tells me all the time, “Tell me a story.” Or, “Tell the kids a story.” I can’t just come up with something like that. I don’t know why. However, as soon as my fingers hit the keyboard, the story just starts flowing out.

Can you tell us a little bit about Mirror Images?

Mirror Images is a love story mixed with maniacs and monsters.

When an average Joe’s reflection in the mirror switches places with him, he finds himself trapped in a strange mirror world, battling his way back to the other side so that he can stop his reflection from destroying the life he knows.

“Have you ever wondered why so many people in prison claim to be innocent? It’s ‘cause most of ‘em are,” Dozier whispered.

On the other side of the mirror, lies a horrific world where each of us has an image, our violent replica, capable of fulfilling our darkest desires, and only released into our world when we’re unable to follow through with an evil deed. Gabe Cutter, an average paper pusher, has his life ripped out from under him when his image switches places with him, hell bent on destroying the life Gabe knows, and killing his cheating fiance’. Now, stuck on the other side of the mirror, Gabe must join together with a band of stranded survivors and find a way to get back to his world before his image destroys it. Along the way he battles his way through maniacs, monsters, and ultimately his own heart, as he realizes that the woman he’s been trying to save…wasn’t worth the price of admission.


Cutter is quite an interesting character. While creating him, was it difficult?

Cutter has caused a bit of controversy. Without giving too much away, Cutter is the image, or dark version, of Gabe (the main character). He’s a violent, foul mouthed, sexually charged jerk. Some readers love him. I’ve had people tell me that his parts of the story were the best and that it was his rawness that really drove the book.

Others have been sickened by his evil ways. When my publisher first took on my book, she asked a few readers to check it out first, and she said they all liked the book, but some found parts of the story rough on the stomach. I guess that’s a good thing, right? If it gets you to feel something, whether good or bad, I’ve done my job.




Is there another world beyond the mirror? If there was, do you think we should fear those beyond the looking glass, or do you think we could learn from them?

Author C. Michael Powers addresses those questions, and many more.

In this adventure, we learn about the horrific world on the other side of the looking glass. In that world lies our evil twin. They know our darkest and most twisted thoughts and desires.

When Gabe Cutter’s mirror image switches places with him, his life quickly become his worst nightmare. His mirror image has but one goal, to fulfill all of Gabe’s darkest desires, which includes, murdering his cheating fiancé.

Determined to stop his darker side, Gabe searches for a way out.

Along the way, he meets other stranded survivors whom he feels he must band with in order to survive. Together, they face monsters, maniacs and ultimately, he must battle himself and his true hearts desire. Will he be able to protect his fiancé? Will he find out the truth? Is she worth it, or will he lose it all?



How can we purchase Mirror Images: Book 1 — Darkness of Man?

It’s all over the place now. I was so excited to hear that it has finally reached the Apple store. So many people told me they didn’t have a Kindle and didn’t read books in print anymore. Everyone seems to have an iPhone or an iPad nowadays.

Below, are the direct links.





At this time, it is not available Barnes and Noble, but it will be soon. If you have a Nook, or Kobo, or Sony, you can get a copy for those e-reading devices at Smashwords.

Are you working on anything new, and if so, when can we expect the release?

I’m currently working on Mirror Images Book 2: Sons of Man. I’ve also started another dark fantasy novel called Circus of Purgatory, which I’m really excited about. This is the first time I’ve mentioned (other than on my Facebook page). I’m cooking up several other stories too. For right now I’m focusing on this dark, kind of urban fantasy/horror world. I have ideas for books in other genres though, so you should see a lot more from me. 

I appreciate you stopping by both blogs, and wish you great success!

If you would like to learn more and read a small teaser of Powers’ recent release, click here.

Comments and questions are always welcomed,

Brightest blessings.


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