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Alexia Crandell is the first human to become an Enforcer for the Coalition. The Enforcers are the strongest, fastest, and most deadly of each being. Usually they are the second or third in command to the leaders of each pack, cult, group, or coven.

Within 24 hours of meeting her partners, Alexia’s understanding of the world is turned upside down, and she finds herself fighting for her life, and the right to be with a man she is forbidden to love.

Filled with vampires, necromancers, barbarians and more, this tale puts Alexia through a gauntlet of adventure, testing her trust, values and heart. While leading up to the realization of which path she must take.




NEW RAINE – The COTS Series – Book II

Nineteen year old Raine Lazzaro hated her home life. She struggled with her low paying, part-time job, while trying to save enough money for college. She desperately needed to escape her family, and their dark, twisted ways.

Finally, freedom was within her reach. She was given a full-time job in British Colombia, where she could live with her Aunt, and be able to save money.

The day before she was leaving, she went to a bonfire with her friends. That night, she met Vance, a handsome and sweet guy. Little did she know that he was vampire, and that her life was about to change forever.

Raine always knew about supernaturals. Daily, she checked the COTS list for any supernaturals that were granted permission to visit. The only supernaturals that lived remotely close, was a small pack of werewolves, and no one ever visited.

Within weeks, Raine learns that her whole life has been a lie, that there are many different types of supernaturals that lived in her area, and that she is the Halfling, that the great prophet speaks of. How can she be the one, and what will she do? 



BROKEN – The COTS Series – Book III

Emilie is a kind woman, who is shy and doesn’t know many people or beings. Her best friends are Hal and Gallagher, identical twins and barbarians.

Barbarians live in a black and white world. They either like you or they don’t, and it is common for them to not like anyone.

When Emilie meets Wade, her life mate, she fears that Hal and Gallagher may terminate him. She runs in fear of losing the one thing she loves almost as much as her barbarians.

Hal and Gallagher hunt her down, and soon she is able to have the life she has dreamed of– or so she thought.   The Keaira clan has arrived in Hamilton, and they have different plans for Emilie.

How will she survive…if she survives? 



Sage Creek was raised in January’s Coven.

Once she became a teen, January banished her to Toronto, Ontario. She had to create and accept the life of a human, since that is what she was. Sage knew the COTS laws and she kept her Coven life a secret from most.

Kylie, her best friend, convinced her that going to a blood bar was a fun and exciting idea. Sage knew better, she had been around supernaturals her whole life. She fought her way through school and became a successful special effects makeup artist.

While working on the set she becomes friends with a small pack of were-cheetahs. Soon, and to her surprise, they become her roommates.

Augustus Silverthorne was advised by Athena, a head witch who helped guide his territory that his life mate was close by. He opened Desired Nights, a blood bar, to the public in hopes of finding his life mate.

Sage was everything he’d hoped for. Now it was a matter of making her see that he was the one for her.




Desperate to make ends meet, Aleesa Sidonie accepts a position as a server at Sweet Expressions.

Sweet Expressions is a popular blood bar, which serves all being, and is one of the few blood bars that provide live feedings to vampires.

Aleesa makes friends with most of her coworkers and soon discovers that her boss is much more than he first appeared to be.

In little time, Aleesa’s life spirals into a chilling adventure of romance and tragedy.















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Thank you to author Sarah Elle Emm for inviting me to join this fun and informative blog hop. Sarah tagged me in her blog where she shares the inside scoop about her upcoming release OPALESCENT! I hope you’ll visit her site as well!
Now for the boring but important rules, and as you know … I try to live a guilt free life. In order to do so, I will diligently follow these rules. 🙂

I am to answer the corresponding questions about my next book in this blog post, and then tag other authors (whom I wish to spotlight) to take part.

Are you ready? Are you sitting down and prepared to crossover to the darker corner of my mind? If not … take a moment, because the story I will soon share with the world is not about rainbows and pretty butterflies.

The Secrets of Albion Falls

What is the working title of your book?


Where did the idea come from for the book?

I have always loved reading and learning the different beliefs our world shares. Our world embraces so many different, nationalities, religions and so on. The world is amazing as a whole, and as I open my eyes and mind to new and exciting lessons, I see more and more fascinating tales.

 Last year I attended a Powwow. While there, I heard stories about past life experiences, warning and tales of the Aboriginal history, beliefs and ways. One story stood out among them all, and that was the story about skin-walkers. Me being a fiction author, whose focus has always been on the supernaturals, it took little to no time for this story to develop.

What genre does your book fall under?

Why does everything have to have a label? I know … don’t answer a question with a question. This story falls under no (single) particular genre. It is more of a cornucopia of genres such as, Fantasy Horror, Paranormal Romance mixed with Thriller and Suspense.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

Hmm … now, that is something I have never considered. I guess if I had the option … it would be Jonny Depp, but only in the hopes that I’d be able to meet him. Anyone who knows me knows I admire Jonny Depp. Joking aside, if the option were to present itself, I would want unknown actors. The fact is … I would rather have someone new take center stage. If ‘big name actors’ took the role, then how would I know if people went to see the story or if they went to admire a particular actor?

 What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

Sophia believed that Alba (her best friend and a fairy); was the only secret hidden in Albion Falls, she quickly learns that many different beings surround her, and that she is what the skin-walkers desire.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

I am leaning towards self-publishing this series.

 How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

The first draft took only three months; however, this is a novella and it was a rough draft. The final draft will be ready in November 2012.

 What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

I am going to ‘relate’ this book with my other stories, rather than genre. I would say it is a lot like Desired Nights, Book IV of The COTS Series. The only reason I would relate the two is due to the wide variety of shape shifters. The Secrets is a darker series, there is no doubt about it.

Who or What inspired you to write this book?

The person who inspired me was the elder who shared her story about the skin-walkers. I’ve added my own twist, but she was the one who inspired me. It was her passion, her belief and fear of them. I felt those same emotions and much more! The most amazing part of that whole evening was how she openly answered my questions. And although, I clearly explained my intention of creating a ‘fictional story’ based on her fears, she patted my leg and encouraged me to move forward with the story. She said, “Lessons are learned through listening, fear, mistakes and pain. We all share history with our children in different ways. You give books and have them read, we use our voice and share tales of our experience. Tell your story the way you feel it.”


What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

Not every story has to be all butterflies and rainbows. This story may have some of those elements, but the fact is … life and love can be one heck of a scary ride!


Now, for the names of those I would love to spotlight in this tour. I hope you’ll visit their blogs, they have so many amazing stories to share with you! Some are hidden gems and others … they are already shining stars!

De Ann Townes Jr.

Amelia Picklewiggle children’s author 

Amelia’s Amazon

Author Rayne Cullen

Cat Alley

Cat Alley is a review blogger: If anybody knows the mind of an author, it’s Cat Alley!

Honorable Mentions

What do I mean by that? These are authors whose work I truly enjoy reading. They have no idea about this blog, I just wanted to share my love of their books with you. If you are looking for something new to add to your bookshelf, I recommend these authors to you as well.

Author Dean Sault

Author Melissa Foster


Thank you for visiting!

Hello my friends!

I know it’s been a while, but I needed to straighten out a few things. So here goes!

My beloved editor, Silk has taken ill and can no longer edit The COTS Series. We don’t know how long it will be until she is back to her feisty self, but we wish her all the best!

In the meantime (and as silk would say), the stories must go on.

I have found a new copy editor, and Sweet Expression is now ready to be published.

Samples have been sent out to a couple of reviewers, and once I have the reviews back it will be available were all the other COTS Stories are sold.

Here is were you can find The COTS Series!







Another exciting announcement!

I have diligently been working on a new Indie Series entitled The Secrets of Albion Falls

It is an exciting, dark series that I hope you’ll enjoy.

I will upload the first three chapter here and on my website once the book is made public.

Much Love, and as always, I wish you the best adventures in reading and in life!


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 Just The Essentials is an amazing store and it is where I had my first book signing. I try to visit the store at least twice a month, and Just The Essentials is the only store where you can order autographed copies of my books. When you place your order, be sure to let me know who and how you would like the book addressed. 🙂 It costs a little more, but that is for the extra shipping, autographs are free!

As always,

I’m wishing you the BEST adventures in reading and in life!





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Cuppa and a Catch Up – An Author Interview with…Sass Cadeaux

It was a fun interview with the aspiring author, Gemma Wilford.
I hope you’ll stop by and visit her page. Gemma is a hidden gem that will so shine brightly!
Thank you, for stopping by,
Much <3, and wishing you the brightest blessings!



I would like to welcome the lovely Sass Cadeaux to my blog today, whose new novel – The Secrets of Albion Falls – has just been released! So get that kettle on, get that cuppa brewing, Cuppa and firegrab your biccies and get cosy …

Author Bio

Sass is a Canadian Author widely regarded for her work on her eleven book series entitled ‘The Coalition of the Supernatural’. She is the owner of, which in August, 2012 will be celebrating its one year anniversary. Sass states, “In that time we have done so much. Our biggest goal is to embrace all our readers, answer all questions, and hopefully, have them feel like they are a part of our family.”

On a personal note Sass shares that her greatest accomplishment is her family as she says, “Without them, I am nothing”.

With her Degree in Administrative Health…

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DREAMS OF ELI by Van Heerling

Review by Sass Cadeaux

dreams of eli cover

This review may contain spoilers.

A soldier of the Union confines a Southern soldier, named Eli West. Eli wakes in a cave, and discovers a sinister and twisted enemy holds him captive.

During his imprisonment, Eli teeters in and out of consciousness. Each time he awakes, he is drugged and tortured. In little time, he learns he has been shot, his teeth have been ripped from his mouth and for the life of him, Eli cannot understand his menaces desire to constantly dig into his leg and big toe.

Unconsciousness seems to be his only solace, in which he relives a time when he was in love, a life before war, and fond memories of a time when life was worth living.

Certain, his life would end by the hands of his enemy. Eli wakes in a stupor of pain and heartache. He absorbs the loss of his teeth, his freedom and sadly, his will to fight.

After days of torture, Eli recognizes his capture. The man Eli thought was a sadistic and twisted soul was actually his old friend, Ezra, and although they were enemies of war, Eli still felt that old bond. He’d think back to the earlier years, when Ezra was a close childhood friend, and many times, Eli considered Ezra a brother.

Ezra explains how he shot Eli, and when he realized whom he had shot, he dragged him into a cave and tried his best to help save his life.

Throughout it all, Eli longed for the darkness. In his unconscious state, he was happy and able to embrace his one true love.

Nearly three weeks had passed, and in that time, Eli’s body became a second warzone. Ezra tried to help Eli battle the infections. It was a long successful battle, but not without a casualty. Eli had lost his leg. He no longer felt he was a worthy man and heart’s desire was impossible to embrace during his waken state. Eli admits the only beauty in his world lies within his unconscious, and wishes to never wake.

Once strong enough to travel, Eli’s friend offers to take him home. It is during their travels they meet some interesting characters, and venture through rough terrain. This adventure helps mend their friendship and trust. Eli asks Ezra to help him fulfill his one true desire, to reunite him with his love.

This is civil war tale with some interesting characters. 🙂

In the end, I found this emotional adventure filled me with many questions. So much so that I’ve asked Van if I could have the opportunity to interview him. Throughout our emails, we learned quite a bit about each other, and I can honestly say it is a small world!

We share the same love of literature, and although we live in different countries, we share the same circle of friends.

The answers provided have not been altered and are direct quotes from author Van Heerling.


Van Heerling

Hi Van, thank you for accepting my invitation. It is a pleasure to meet and interview you. Dreams of Eli began in Northern Mississippi in the year of 1863. I must ask, what motivated you to write your book in that era?

The way this story unfolded, it became apparent to me that there couldn’t be any other setting.

What genre do you consider this book?

Historical Fiction

Are any of the experiences in this book based on someone you know or events that have influenced your own life?

No, this is pure fiction and maybe a little divine intervention.

What inspired you to write this particular story?

For this story and any other I write, it’s the story itself that inspires me. My test as to whether the story will be written or not is if it “burns hot” and sticks in my mind for days, weeks or months.

I have a pretty muse too. This helps.

The muse has tapped my shoulder and my ear is turned toward her lips. I am waiting for her whisper. ~vh~”

What were the challenges such as research, literary and psychological in bringing Dreams of Eli to life?

I spent many hours researching different types of weaponry and read through several original love letters and correspondence to get the feel and overall atmosphere of the time period. The 19th century is by far my favorite time period. There is something about its rough and raw nature. It’s odd that I say this, because I seldom camp or “rough it.”

Dreams of Eli, reminds me of many tragic civil war stories based on brother verses brother situations. In your opinion, what makes this story stand out?

I believe that the first person narrative is something that makes this story stand out. It’s not necessarily that all by itself but also the tone of the main character. He is pensive in nature and is beyond flawed. I have been told by readers that this story in particular really made them think about their own lives and figure out what is important to them.

In my status on Facebook, I asked my friends what questions they would ask an author. Below are their responses.  

From aspiring writer Sylvia Stein— How do you relate to your characters?

I’m not sure quite how to answer this question. For me my characters live inside me. Or perhaps I live in them.

From author Michaelene McElroy— Do you have any rituals before sitting down to write?

I always find this question interesting. But even more so I love hearing what authors have to say. I am sure there are writers that have to line up all their pencils just so, or take five deep breaths, spin around in their chair one full rotation and then touch the keys, or clear off their entire desk before plunging into four hours of intense storytelling. My answer is not an interesting one I’m afraid. I don’t have a ritual. I am not superstitious to any degree. Yes, I know that takes the “fun” out of everything, doesn’t it? I’ll go one further; I don’t get writer’s block. Never have, never will. See I told you I’m not superstitious. Oh, I can hear the gasps of horror as my fellow writers read this, “He’s just jinxed himself!” Hardly.

From author Dean Sault— Conflict drives tension and tension drives plot. When adding tension to your stories, how far will you go? Will you kill a likable character or child for the sake of expanding emotional impact? Is there a limit to the emotional swings you impose on readers? Do you get ‘hate mail’ over such events in your stories?

Hi Dean, interesting question. The short answer to your question is, yes but not on purpose. And yes to the hate mail. My stories are character driven not plot driven. I seem to have a knack for it. Not everyone is thrilled with my work of course but I seemed to have found a wonderful readership that genuinely enjoys curling up with my books.

From beta reader and review blogger Cat Alley— I recall refusing a second read after the death of a loved character, which brings me to a question. Have you ever tried or thought of killing the main character half way through the book? Which consequently, gives the twist that a sub character would actually be the main character?

Hi Cat, love the name and the furry little ones. Personally I have never killed the main character in the middle of a story. I supposed it would be possible but for the life of me can’t figure why one would pursue such a storyline. Well unless one has multiple time streams and the main character is picked up in a different dimension. Not really my thing, but I suppose it could work.

Thank you, Van for stopping by. I wish you much success with Dreams of Eli and your future release’.

Thank you Sass!

Twitter: @vanheerling



Are you a Trekkie Fan? Do you love Sci-Fi? Have you ever wondered what was out there, not outside, but out there— beyond our moon?

When asked if I was a Trekkie Fan, my response was always the same. “No, I’ve never been.”

I tried to watch Star Trek with my brothers. The twins would say, “Come on mouse, Trek’s on.” They LOVE it! By the time the intro was done, I’d quietly sneak out of the living room. For me, it was dolls or writing over Star Trek. When I wrote, I wrote with characters inspired by my family. I mean— let’s face it, I was little girl who wanted ANYTHING but that!

I must digress, since this is not about my writing, it’s about a story that made me question my views of Sci-Fi. A story that made me wonder what else I had foolishly avoided.

Granted, I write paranormal, romance adventures, and although I love creating my own little world, I’ve never reached beyond earth.

That is— until now. I am officially a Sci-Fi Fan! WOW! How foolish I was to purposely avoid such an exciting genre.

So what caused this sudden revelation? Allow me to introduce you to an EXCITING BOOK! A book I initially intended for my teenage son, one that quickly caused arguments over who could read it next.

I kid you not, this book actually caused arguments among my sons, their friends and myself included. Everyone wanted to read it at the same time, and last night, it was finally my turn!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am friends with Author Dean Sault. I adore him. He is kind, intelligent and I am blessed to call him friend.

When he told me about this book, I ordered. I figured that if I didn’t like it, it would still be a huge success with my boys.

I have two boys and they love Star Trek, Sci-Fi and all war stories. I’m pretty sure I can lip sync the movies Black Hawk Down, Behind Enemy Lines and Broken Arrow without skipping a beat. If they are not watching war movies they’re playing Halo, Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty numbers 4 – 9 (Modern Warfare, World at War, Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops 2) Gears of War 2 and 3, League of Legends and, the list goes on.

Without a doubt, this book fits well with our household, and in little time, many of our friends and family were also interested.

If you or a beloved one loves Sci-Fi, war stories or exciting adventures then this book is a must have! Get ready to spiral into a world of amazement, and prepare yourself for The Last Human War.

THE LAST HUMAN WAR by Author Dean Sault

Click on cover!

Click on cover!

Three hundred years passed since the end of the galaxy-wide Human War.  Alien scientists on the planet of Tanarac spent most of that time manipulating the DNA of their captives.  They hoped that one day a less aggressive human species might be able to live in peace with the other sentient races of the galaxy.

The Heptari Empire suspects their former Tanarac allies of hiding secret colonies of human descendants.  At the end of the Human War, Tanarac promised to allow their POWs to die off naturally.  They lied.   Now, the Heptari Royal Codae  threatens to “finish the job” of exterminating all  humans, a genocide they began three hundred years before.

Will Tanarac surrender their prisoners to be killed at the hands of the Heptaris?  Or, does a more sinister motive underlie the surprise arrival of powerful Heptari starships at the Tanarac capitol world?

Survival of mankind, and indeed the Tanarac race, will depend on the actions of a young human who escapes from a Tanarac POW camp . . . a mining plow operator with an unexpected power . . . Simon of Striker Twelve.

For more exciting information or to purchase a copy. Click on the cover!

Are eBooks Too Cheap?: Indie Authors Question 99 Cent Price

The facts about indie authors, what our cost are and how fair are we pricing our books?

Author, Melissa Foster is a down to earth, wonderful friend who tells it like it is.

I hope you will enjoy the post and take the time to read my review of her wonderful book, Chasing Amanda.

I am proud to share this link with you. Are eBooks Too Cheap?: Indie Authors Question 99 Cent Price.

Melissa Foster is the author of three wonderful novels.

Megan’s Way Chasing AmandaCome Back to Me

Melissa is the founder of the Women’s Nest, a social and support community for women, and is currently collaborating with a director to create a script for Megan’s Way. Melissa is working on her next book, and lives in Maryland with her family. Below are just some of the links where you can find Melissa Foster!









Judging by the cover and first few pages, I initially thought Chasing Amanda was a story about a mother searching for her lost child. I was wrong.

Chasing Amanda is about believing in yourself, and never giving up when you know you can make a difference.

This inspiring tale is filled with the perfect amount of twists and turns. Most of the characters held specific, well-needed roles.

Throughout my read, there was not a single moment when I found myself bored or questioning the authors thought process.

The lessons are clear— never give up! No matter who says what if you have the ability, and can make a differencethen ignore those who get in the way and fight to help those you can!

No matter what genre you normally read, Chasing Amanda is a valuable addition to your bookshelf.

We all have days where time or our surroundings force us to give up on our beliefs. Chasing Amanda is a trophy that will prompt you to keep going!

Sometimes, the world around us will ignore or stifle those who talk about unknown or unexplainable abilities. This story reminds you about those gifted people who have certain abilities, which are invisible to the naked eye, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there or they don’t exist.

I must admit, there was a few times when I needed to go back and reread a page or two, but other than that— this story was the perfect escape from my busy day!

Chasing Amanda deserves five GOLDEN stars!

Blessed be,

Sass 🙂

Welcome to an in-depth interview with the award-winning, author Stacey Eaton!


Who is Stacy Eaton?

Stacy is a writer, as well as full-time Police Officer. She enjoys crime scene investigation above all else. She also owns a business that deals with helping people gain awareness for the causes they care most about. Stacy is a mother of two, and her husband is in law enforcement as well. She is very much into photography and she carries her Nikon Digital SLR with her almost everywhere, just in case. She also has two Shiloh Shepherd dogs and loves to play catch with them.

Stacy uses her experience at work to make the stories more believable, weaving bits of crime solving knowledge into her stories of fiction to make them more lifelike. She writes using a unique style that keeps you in the minds of all the important characters. Switching back and forth from mind to mind to keep the readers aware of what each character is feeling and why they do the things, they do.


“It sounded so simple in theory; ready… aim… fire… but what actually transpired was so much more.”

Officer Nicole Nolan holds the gun steady in her hands, knowing that life will be forever altered once she pulls the trigger. Her position as a small town police officer is to protect those who cannot protect themselves. It is her job, her career and her life.

Amanda stands where protection does not exist. With several failed relationships behind her, Amanda turns a blind eye to the possessiveness Josh displays in order to soothe her desperate need to be loved. As the mental abuse turns violent, Amanda must deal with the denial and embarrassment of being a victim once again. With her emotional and physical health hanging on the edge, she must fight to regain control of her life.

A gripping story with one final destination, but will it be life or death?


Hi Stacy, and thank you so much for accepting the invitation to join me. I enjoyed reading your book, WHETHER I LIVE OR DIE. Before we start, is there anything more you could tell us about yourself? I posted your bio; however, with the exciting life you lead … I am wondering if there is anything new you would like to share with us?

Sass – Thank you so much for allowing me to visit – I love going new places and meeting new people! Let’s see more about me huh?  Ok – I love being at the beach, letting the hot sun warm me while I bury my toes in the cool sand and the wind whispers along my skin. The sound of the waves gently lapping on the shore and the sea gulls chirping in the sky complete me somehow. My favorite drink is coffee during the day and chocolate martinis at night. I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl and love to slip into my hiking boots come fall. Those are a couple of things I don’t normally share in interviews! 

How did you pick the names of your characters? Is there a hidden reason for the names Amanda and Nicole?

There is not hidden meaning behind these two particular names. In some of my books, the names have meaning to me, but this one I just choose two names that I liked.

Who are your target readers?

Basically this book was made for anyone. This book isn’t just for those who like to read. This book is for those who have been victims, ARE victims now or who are survivors. It is for those people who have known someone in an abusive situation or someone who had no clue what it really is all about.

 Of course those that are looking for a soft love story aren’t going to find that here. It’s an intense book for a very intense subject.

Who is your favorite author and is you writing style similar to theirs?

This is a very hard question and not one I can really answer. I read a lot, like 4-5 books a week sometimes. There are tons of authors that I enjoy.

 I don’t believe that I style my writing after any person. When I sat down to write my first novel, I never thought about how to write, I just did that way because that is how I liked to read. If it is similar to how someone else writes, then it is just coincidental. 


What do you, Stacy consider your best accomplishment?

Being the person I am. I’m a strong independent woman who believes in helping others. I’m protective of my friends and family and I would do just about anything I can for strangers that need my assistance.

I wasn’t always this way, my life has given me some hard lessons and I paid attention to them. I fought to be who I am today, and I am proud of that person.


Do you have any advice for an aspiring writer?

Don’t expect success to happen overnight. It takes years of patience. If you enjoy writing, then do it for that reason and don’t think that just because you wrote a book that others will read it. There is a lot of time spent marketing and reaching out to others.


What genre of books do you like to read?

It might be easier to tell you which genre’s I don’t read, lol… I’m not a Sci-Fi person and I tend to shy away from horror. History doesn’t hold my attention because I tend to want to look forward not backwards. I don’t normally read Non-Fiction, but once in a while I find something that catches my eye.

When I read, I want to get lost in a story. Reading is my way of checking out of reality and getting me away from the drama of my real life. Mysteries, romance, paranormal, and crime are normally the genre is that you find my mind lost in. Recently I have been going through a hot cowboy phase, lol…


Do you limit yourself to only the genre that you write yourself?

I write several different genres and hope that I never have to limit myself. While Whether I’ll Live or Die is listed as a relationship – family – abuse genre, I have a series that is paranormal/crime. Right now I am working on a contemporary romance and a guardian angel series.

 I do enjoy writing paranormal though, and many of my books move towards that, but I’ll keep my options open.


How do you get started with writing this particular story?  What inspired you and how did you being developing the plot?

I see a lot of domestic violence in my job, and I will admit that I am not a stranger to it in my personal life either. It is a pet peeve of mine and a friend of mine told once that I should write a book about it but I didn’t really think much about it after that.

About 6 months later, I was driving my daughter someplace and in a span of 30 minutes, the story was born. I knew how it would start and I knew how it would end. I even know what the title was going to be.

When I was a teen, I used to say, “My jerk detector is backwards. If there were a hundred men in a room and only one jerk – It was the jerk that I wanted … he was all I wanted. Do you think that was the case with Amanda?

Lol… Sass that is great! Yes, I think that is exactly what Amanda was dealing with. That and the fact that she had no self-esteem what so ever played a big part in this story.

Is there a hidden lesson or meaning to this story and if so … what would you said it is?

There are quite a few lessons in the book, but I think the strongest ones are; Don’t ever think there is no way out, there is. Don’t ever think that you are alone, you’re not. Don’t think that you can’t make a difference in someone’s life, because you can. Do not think that abuse is your fault, you are NOT to blame.

It takes patience, strength and support to get out of an abusive relationship, with those things you can do anything.


Do you read reviews of your books? If so … do you pay any attention to them, or allow the reviews to influence your writing?

Yes, I read reviews. I don’t go crawling over the internet for them, but when I see them I stop and read them. I believe people have the right to their opinions. Not everyone likes coffee, some people prefer tea, so not everyone is going to like every book.

When I do read the reviews, I take the time to think about what the person said. If there was something they didn’t like, I think about that. Was it just that particular story or was it something in the writing that didn’t sit well with them. I use what they tell me to make myself a better writer. It is the readers I want to entertain, so why wouldn’t I listen to what they have to say?


Who designed your cover?

I have designed all of my covers, but I have paid graphic artists to perfect them. I normally come up with the cover concepts soon after I start writing the book; to me it just helps visualize the plot I am working on.


Do you have anything specific that you want to say to you readers?

Thank you. It’s a pretty simple phrase, but it means so much. I am thankful for every reader who has taken the time to read my books. I am thankful for every single e-mail I receive from them and how people search me out on the internet to learn more. I am humbled by all of you and I hope I can continue to entertain you through the years.


What are you working on now?

There are quite a few stories I am writing right now. Two of them I am actively working on side by side, the third book in my paranormal series, My Blood Runs Blue and the first book in my guardian angel series, Garda ~ Welcome to The Realm.

I am hoping to have the guardian angel book out late this year or very early next year. The third book which I believe will be entitled, Mixing the Blue Blood, should be out early next year.

Along with that, I have a contemporary romance called Liveon that I am about two-thirds done with. I’d like to get that completed as it has sat on the back burner for over a year now.

There is also the final book in the My Blood Runs Blue series that I need to complete and that is in plot stages. I have a few other book plotlines in mind, but I am holding off on them until I get some of these others completed.


What question have you always wanted to be asked in an interview? How would you answer that question?

Honestly – I have no clue! I have done a hundred interviews – and I have been asked just about everything.


(From Beth) Chapter fifteen – Amanda and Josh were on their vacation, he had thrown her towards the edge of the cliff. I read, “He placed a soft kiss on my forehead and chucked my chin gently, lifting his shirt from my head to examine the cut.” I tried to understand that action, would you explain in other words his action? I looked up the word chucked and cannot understand how he did that? Would you explain that action in a different way?

Great question Beth! Think about it as if he gave her jaw a playful little punch. You know the ones where someone uses their fist and gently taps you on the chin. My editor was the one that worked that word in there; she wasn’t keen on my original description. I can understand why it might seem confusing. I hope this makes more sense.


Jessie M. asks, “I must admit that I can relate with Amanda on so many levels. I am sure I am not the only one. Is Amanda a real person or is she a conglomeration of all the people you’ve help through your work as a Police Officer?”

Thank you for the question Jessie M. Amanda is more of a conglomeration of people not only from what I have seen on the street in my job, but from what I lived through myself. I used my own experience to help write some of the emotional moments in this story.

There were times when I could only write a single sentence or a small paragraph and I would have to walk away. Tension, anger and pain made it hard to get through, but I fought my way and finally made it.

Will you please share with us the title of all your current and upcoming novels as well as where your readers can purchase them.


Whether I’ll Live or Die – is currently available at Amazon in paperback or Kindle:


My Blood Runs Blue, book 1 in the series is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble in hardcover, paperback and e-book versions:


Barnes & Noble:



Blue Blood for Life, book 2 in the series is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble in hardcover, paperback and e-book versions.


Barnes & Noble:

Coming late 2012/early 2013: Garda ~ Welcome to The Realm

Coming early 2013: Mixing the Blue Blood, book 3 in the series

Coming mid 2013: Liveon


Thank you, Stacy for stopping by. I truly enjoyed this visit and your story. I wish you much success and bright blessings.

Thank you so very much Sass!  It has been a great pleasure to be here and to work with you on this interview! Best wishes to you!!!


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 Whether I’ll Live or Die:

My Blood Runs Blue:

Blue Blood for Life:


This novel has it all. Steamy romance, budding relationship, growth, family values, life lessons and yes … that unexplainable feeling of being alone while being in the arms of the one you love. The plot was clear and concise. This story from beginning to end had me empathize with each and every character.

It isn’t a story about good verses bad … it’s a story about life. This story takes you out of the norm and places you into forbidden territory. There is a reason why things happen behind closed doors, and why no one ever speaks of it.

Those secrets fused barriers into what most would call a blissful life, causing soul searching moments, forcing life decisions and breaching trust.

On Goodreads, it shows my rating as 4 stars, but what I really rate this story is 4.5 stars. I wish Goodreads allowed us to give half stars. Possibly, in little time they will.

Here is the direct link to Martha Emms Amazon page.

Sass 🙂

Meet Janice, (aka) Piper.

For those of you who have visit my website you may know the story of how I met Janice. Janice is the real life Piper. I met her eleven years after I completed The COTS Series. She is fun, friendly, helpful and, she is now blogging!

I hope you’ll stop by her blog, drop her a line and check out all the amazing natural ways Janice can help you! 

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